Virtual Winter Thrills • January 11th – March 18th, 2021 • Now Online!

Winter Thrills MBA

Dates:  Tuesday, January 19, 2021 – Thursday, March 18, 2021

Registration: $299

The highly informative classes below, which include top agents, respected editors, bestselling ITW authors, and other industry professionals, will be available via the private video showcase Vimeo.

In addition to the in-depth panels, you will also have the opportunity to submit a query letter and have it critiqued by top agents/editors during one of the sessions. And you will learn from other attendees as you watch the feedback on their queries.

You will have access to the site and password to study and absorb all the content for a minimum of six months. You can see the list of  Participating Professionals here.

  • Secrets of a Successful Career
    What are the key components of a successful career and how do you achieve them?
  • Query Critiques
    A panel that includes industry experts analyzing actual query letters from attendees and providing immediate and constructive feedback.
  • Career Building
    How does an author grow their readership, develop their unique voice, and focus their writing to ensure that the next book is even better?
  • Legacy Writing
    How does an author work with another writer or their estate to produce material that will appeal to that fanbase?
  • Author Branding
    How does an author use social media, websites, conferences, bookstore events, and swag to build a brand, and does it differ from a platform?
  • The World of Book Reviews
    How does a book review help the viability of your novel, and where are the best places to obtain a review along with submitting your work for consideration at those places?
  • Book to TV/Film
    How does Hollywood interact with books, including “selling rights,” and how is the author involved if the work turns into a film or TV project?
  • The World of Audiobooks
    What appeals to readers about listening to a book, and why is the world of audio continuing to explode?
  • Financial Nuts and Bolts
    How does the book business work, including advances and royalties, and who are the players in the realm of film and TV rights, and the international market?
  • Indie & Small Press Publishing
    How does the world of publishing outside the big 5 publishers work in terms of marketing, distribution, and career-building?
  • The World of Author Marketing
    How does an author promote themselves in the various levels of publishing from queries and pitches to agents along with future readers on social media, and Amazon author page, a personal website, and a professional headshot?
  • The World of Book Marketing
    How can authors increase the visibility of their work to find more readers?
  • The World of Resiliency
    How can you motivate yourself to push forward and keep writing amidst rejection and other potential roadblocks?
  • How to Write a Memorable Novel
    What elements of a novel and the marketplace can turn a book into a bestseller?


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