Sign up for ITW’s unique QueryFest program and learn from the experts!

If you’re eager to become a published author, QueryFest (appointments are available all week long) is the event for you, as sitting down face-to-face with industry experts is an invaluable opportunity.

Consider the query as your sales pitch package — a representation of your product (your manuscript). You need to sell that product—and yourself—to an agent or acquiring editor. Just like a salesperson sparks interest in a prospective customer, you must “hook” an agent or editor’s interest. Your sales pitch package is like your application for the job of being a writer, with your query letter acting as your resume.

During QueryFest, you will sign up for 15-minute, one-on-one sessions with literary agents and editors (both independent and with publishing houses). Experts will help you refine your work and suggest the best ways to sell it – and yourself. Your appointment at QueryFest will give you feedback on the effectiveness of your query letter, or whether you can “hook” an agent or acquiring editor with the first few pages of your manuscript (submitted for the expert to review prior to the event). We consider the query as the first marketing pillar for advertising your work, so let’s get that part right.

For those who are not ready to query, the experts can answer questions about the writing biz, such as: 1) how to identify what your project is about, 2) how to research your genre and identify “comps,” 3) how to navigate conflicting writing advice, 4) how to determine what part of the market you’re in and how to best present your story, 5) how to decide which authors’ works to study, and 6) how to learn about the business side of publishing.

QF sessions are by appointment only Wednesday, May 29th thru Friday, May 31st. The sessions are ideal for writers who are not yet ready to pitch a completed manuscript, but would like to discuss their synopsis, query letter, and writing sample for 15 minutes with agents and editors. Our experts will provide helpful feedback and answer any questions. But no pitching, please.

The list of available experts will help you with selecting appointments. You may purchase up to five sessions. You will be able to select both your expert and the time of appointment. We will provide more information for the scheduling service closer to the event.

Please Note: If you wish to attend QueryFest, you will need to purchase Master Class, CraftFest, ThrillerFest or one of the packages. 

  • K.L. Romo Seperator

    K.L. Romo

    QueryFest Director

For any questions? Please email K.L.Romo, QueryFest Director.

We highly recommend you read QueryFest FAQ prior to signing up for this event.

Here’s how the event will work:


The experts listed here will offer advice after reading your submission, deciding which part of your package could benefit most from their advice, whether it is improving your query, tackling the first pages of your manuscript or offering feedback on your synopsis.


Submit any time after registering, but no later than May 1st to assure assignments. Please send:

  • Eight pages maximum in a Word Document, and please title this submission using your writer’s name (ie: “Jane Smith”).
  • One page indicating what specific aspect of your query package you’d prefer feedback on.
  • A one-page Query Letter addressed to “Dear Agent/Editor:”, single spaced, letter format, 12-point font, 1” margins.
  • The first five pages of your manuscript (NOTE: only two-page critiques are guaranteed), double-spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins, noting your writer’s name and working book title at the top.
  • A one-page synopsis of your novel or non-fiction work, double spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins.

Only one eight-page submission is required for any number of consultations you reserve.

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