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Our Favorite Part Was Pitchfest

By Krista Wells and Nicole Moleti

We just wanted to let other new authors know that Thrillerfest is a great conference! We would not have gotten a book deal as easily without such an event. We went to learn from the experts, connect with other new writers, and meet up with our favorite authors.

Our favorite part was Pitchfest (where you speed pitch to agents), where we were also able to practice pitching our book with already published authors, get valuable feedback, and then pitch to real agents! We followed up with the agents and editors we met. Shortly after the event, we signed with our favorite agent, edited our book, and eventually sold it in a two-book deal with Lake Union publishing.

Much appreciation goes out to the professionals who took the time to create such an amazing event where you learn, connect, and grow as writers. Our forthcoming book is AN IMPERFECT PLAN and our pen name is Addison McKnight.