ThrillerFest XIII • July 10 – 14, 2018 • Grand Hyatt • New York City



The original vision of CraftFest and Master CraftFest was to create exceptional and one-of a-kind schools for teaching the craft of thriller writing. Our mission has always been to provide students with the tools needed to take their writing to the next level and to help each reach their individual career goals. For over a decade now we have worked to fulfill this vision. 2016 was yet again a great success and now we are preparing our 2017 line up of teachers and classes.

As always, CraftFest will have 4 tracks that for 2017 will run all day Wednesday July 12th and for two hours on the morning of Thursday July 13th. Many of your favorite teachers will return and other exceptional authors and teachers will be added as we continue to evolve and improve.

Master CraftFest will again offer 8 classes, each with a maximum of 10 students. This unique, all-day, hands-on school will be held on Tuesday July 11th. It’s always a long but very rewarding day. We have many excellent mentors lined up already, including Steve Berry, Lee Child, Gayle Lynds, Grant Blackwood, Meg Gardiner, and Andrew Gross. Plan to spend the day with one of these best-selling authors and gifted teachers.

And of course we will again have our popular Best First Sentence Contest. So get to work on your opening line.

Come to New York next July and join us for ThrillerFest XII, and, of course, CraftFest and Master CraftFest. We hope to see you there for what is always a fun and rewarding week.