Virtual Practice PitchFest – 2023

Welcome to the final schedule for Virtual Practice PitchFest 2023!

For those who have registered for our upcoming PitchFest event, live at ThrillerFest XVIII on Thursday, June 1st, we’ve arranged an online event called Virtual Practice PitchFest with some of ITW’s bestselling authors to help you fine-tune your pitch. This gives you ample time to practice, gather feedback, and perfect your pitch before the on-site event.

All registrants for PitchFest were invited via email to sign up (with the most recent email having gone out on Monday, May 1.) The deadline for sign-ups is EOD on Friday, May 5, via the scheduling request form that was emailed to you by Samantha Skal ( If you’ve already signed up and are listed on the schedule below, you’re all set!

Each PitchFest registrant is able to sign up for one (1) 10-minute practice session. The dates and time-blocks for 2023 are listed below. All times are in Eastern Daylight Time:

Block #1 – Morning: 9:00am ET – 11:00am ET
Block #2 – Midday: 11:30am ET – 1:30pm ET
Block #3 – Afternoon: 2:00pm ET – 4:00pm ET

Block#1 – MorningBlock#1 – MorningBlock#1 – MorningBlock#1 – Morning
Block#2 – MiddayBlock#2 – MiddayBlock#2 – MiddayBlock#2 – Midday
Block#3 – AfternoonBlock#3 – AfternoonBlock#3 – AfternoonBlock#3 – Afternoon



The final schedule, including your specific time slot and zoom link, is now available. Your scheduled time slot is now locked in, and won’t change. It is up to you to show up on time (remember, all times are in Eastern Daylight Time) and use the appropriate zoom link.

You’ll be able to view your time slot and zoom information by clicking on the buttons below. Select the day that you requested in your scheduling form to find your name. Everyone has received their first choice in time-block. If you submitted an updated request, we used your most recent 1st choice request.

There are two Zoom “rooms” per time block. Each room has one host and two ITW Authors, one of which will be hearing your pitch. The author names will not be released ahead of Practice PitchFest; instead, you will find out whom you’ll be practicing with when you log-in to your session. To access your practice pitch session at your allotted time slot, use the zoom link listed above your name. The zoom links have the password embedded, so are one-click. If you haven’t used Zoom in a while, you may need to update, so please take that into account. We ask that you please join the zoom room at least 5 minutes ahead of your assigned time slot to address any tech issues and so you can take full advantage of your session.

As an FYI, you will receive an email reminder 1 day before and on the morning of your assigned practice pitch session.

— If you need to change your time slot, we will attempt to accommodate you. More heads up is better than less, so please email ASAP to request this if your availability has changed. —

Please contact with any questions, and happy practice pitching!

While many of us have grown familiar with interacting virtually via zoom over the past few years, for anyone needing a quick refresher, click here for a brief instructional guide. Our hope is to keep this as seamless as possible.

Please contact us ( if you have any questions or concerns.

We wish you the best of luck at PitchFest and hope you enjoy your practice pitch!