ThrillerFest XIII • July 10 – 14, 2018 • Grand Hyatt • New York City

Best First Sentence Contest

Best First Sentence 2018 Judges Choices:

Steven James:
For two hours every Tuesday the little boy felt no fear.
-Jack Castlewhite

David Corbett:
Exú crouched on the rocks, his sleek skin blending with the night and his golden eyes shining like stars, while below, the young witch burned.
-Tori Eldridge

Paul Wilson:
When I saw my colleague draw a gun from her handbag, I knew this faculty meeting was not going to end well.
-Warren Darcy

D.P. Lyle:
It’s not easy to find a nice, quiet spot to torture someone in L.A.
– Christopher Farnsworth

Andrew Gross:
The gunshot was fatal, but I wasn’t sure which one of us had died.
-Elena Hartwell

Gayle Lynds:
When she surfaced, her dive boat was gone.
-Karen Harper

Meg Gardiner:
I can’t tell you everything, but there’s a pig involved.
-Mike Pace

Steve Berry:
My father married me when I was twelve.
-Colleen Winter

Grant Blackwood:
Never wager unless you control the stakes.
-Dani Pettrey

Robert Dugoni:
I knew it was over when the flamingo stepped on my face.
-Jeffrey Bruce

Donald Maass:
My name is Abdul Rosenberg; I have issues.
-Joseph Savage