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Best First Sentence Contest

You can enter at the Best First Sentence Contest by emailing you entry to The deadline for entries is June 20, 2017. You may only submit one entry. To qualify to enter, you must be an ITW member or registered for ThrillerFest 2017. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at the CraftFest luncheon. Any winners not in attendance will be notified shortly thereafter. Good luck!


ThrillerFest XI (July 2016)

Heather Graham
Winner: Patrick Hyde
Sometimes good luck turns into a death sentence.

Steve Berry
Winner: Sheila English
It wasn’t the first time this man had died, but it was the first time he’d been murdered.

Richard Krevolin
Winner: Wanda M. Morris
Ellice Littlejohn was very good at keeping secrets which made her very good at being a corporate lawyer — a profession where keeping secrets is next to godliness.

David Corbett
Winner: Nick Lombardi
The screams were loudest at night, when the soldiers came out.

Grant Blackwood
Winner: Gerald Griffin
They were all dead, except for one.

Meg Gardiner
Winner: Catharine Manset Morreale
I’ve targeted the sperm donor ‘cause I blame him for the fat.

Gayle Lynds
Winner: Cathy Perkins
Ten years ago, my father bought my freedom with his death.

Andrew Gross
Winner: Kent Johnson
I’d just returned from eulogizing Bud Daley when, much to my surprise, I found him sitting in my recliner smoking one of those godawful cigars of his!