ThrillerFest XV • July 7 – 11, 2020 • Grand Hyatt • New York City

Best First Sentence Contest

Best First Sentence 2019 Judges Choices:

Steve Berry:
Sometimes dying is the easiest part of life.
–Eric Bishop

Grant Blackwood:
The mud-brick hut smelled of blood and sex.
–Tracey Devlyn

David Corbett:
Don’t get snippy with me, Elevator.
–Mysti Berry

Karen Dionne:
I went to medical school on a dare.
–Gloria Casale

Robert Dugoni:
I knew I was in trouble when Dad held my diary up in a meaty fist.
–Yvonne Lindsay

Steven James:
Anyone who claims there are no stupid questions has never worked in a public library.
–Victoria Gilbert

Gayle Lynds:
Last night Hieronymus Bosch met the rich and famous.
–Thomas Kies

Donald Maass:
Everyone had a story from that night: some saw a man, others saw a girl, still others saw nothing at all but didn’t want to squander the opportunity to be part of something larger than themselves.
–Micki Browning

Hank Phillipi Ryan:
Gracie Falcon was halfway over Vail Pass white-knuckling her Jeep through a late spring snowstorm when she heard through intermittent static on her car radio that she’d been killed in a plane crash.
–C. C. Harrison

F. Paul Wilson:
Prouty had a drinker’s face, a graveyard cough, and a heart a hangman would kill for.
–Jeffrey B. Burton

Chris Goff:
San Ruben, California is a long way from Boston, whether you measure it in miles, years, or bodies.
–Jack Soren