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I came to an agent and completely blanked.

By Sarah Cain

I was a professional writer of speeches and direct mail and press releases—none of which are things people clamor to read.  I had written fiction for years, mostly short stories and flash fiction. Then there was my novel. I had worked on it for about eight years. I had even sent out queries, all of which had been rejected.

I started going to writers’ conferences to pick up tips and learn more about the industry. When I heard about Thrillerfest, I wasn’t sure I was ready to pitch to agents in person. I thought I’d just go for the workshops. Then I thought, I’ve worked on this novel for so long, and I’ve polished and polished it. I do it now, or go on to something else. So I came to New York, and I practiced my pitch. Believe me when I say I was shaking when I started my first pitch, but it got a lot easier when the agent asked me to send her pages. Then the next agent asked me to send a full manuscript. My whole session was rolling along with agents asking for full manuscripts and partials.

Then it happened. I came to an agent and completely blanked. I forgot my pitch halfway through, but she was extremely nice. She waited for me to get my act together and go through my pitch, and she asked for a full manuscript. I sent it to her and figured I’d never hear from her again. I was wrong. She was Renee Fountain, and she became my agent.  She took on my noir thriller, The Eighth Circle, and sold it to Crooked Lane Books in a two-book deal.

So many writers toil away at their craft and never get any recognition. I am, and always will be, so grateful to Renee and Crooked Lane Books for taking me on. I will always appreciate Thrillerfest for giving me the opportunity to get my novel, The Eighth Circle, out in front of the agent it needed. I do love to give people those deep, dark thrills.