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Announcing ThrillerFest IX

We have something for everyone, whether you’re an aspiring author, a fan, an industry professional, or an ITW author. Some of the highlights include:

CraftFest: This section of the conference is ideal if you’re looking to hone your writing skills. Every year, CraftFest is growing in numbers and spaces are limited. If you are keen on hearing the writing secrets of NYT bestsellers, please sign up soon so you don’t miss out.

AgentFest: If you’d like to pitch your novel to the best literary agents in the business, this is the event for you. Last year, we had over 55 agents attending AgentFest. Read about the success stories under the AgentFest tab.

ThrillerFest: We’re planning on some fabulous panels, workshops, and lectures for ThrillerFest this year.  Stay tuned for more details.

Banquet: Please join us at the annual Saturday night banquet for the presentation of the Thriller Awards and other fabulous entertainment.

Volunteers are an integral part of the ThrillerFest experience. We couldn’t do it without you. If you would like to assist us, please send an email to Volunteering is a great way to meet people and get involved in ITW.

Please drop by the new ThrillerFest Facebook page and say hello! Then “like” us, and help spread the word!

Your ThrillerFest team is looking forward to a fun and memorable year. D.L. Wilson is our VP of National Events, D.P. Lyle, MD returns as CraftFest Director, Boyd Morrison is AgentFest Director, and Kimberley Howe returns as Executive Director. If we can answer questions or help out in any way, please touch base anytime.

We look forward to seeing you next July 10-13 in NYC!

D.L. Wilson
Vice President of National Events

Kimberley Howe
Executive Director, ThrillerFest


If you prefer to mail your registration, you can download and print the appropriate registrations forms here:

ITW Author-Member Registration

ITW Associate-Member and Thriller Fan Registration

ThrillerFest VII: A Thrill a Minute

By Anthony J. Franze and Jenny Milchman

Anything that calls itself ThrillerFest has a lot to live up to.

Luckily, this year’s ThrillerFest—the International Thriller Writers’ annual conference—delivered more than its share of thrills. Held in the heart of Manhattan, ThrillerFest VII was the largest and most successful T-Fest yet. On hand were hundreds of the world’s top thriller writers, as well as scores of industry professionals, journalists, producers, aspiring writers—and let’s not forget the readers and fans.

Haven’t been to ThrillerFest yet? Not clear what it’s all about? Come take a journey with both the Chair and the Membership Coordinator of ITW’s Debut Authors Program as we give some background on ThrillerFest, and then go behind the scenes—way behind the scenes—at this year’s event.

What is ThrillerFest?

Officially, ThrillerFest is “a four-day celebration of thriller books, the authors who write them, and the fans who read them.” Or, as Co-Presidents of International Thriller Writers, Kathleen Antrim and Douglas Preston, say: “ThrillerFest creates an environment in which readers meet authors, and aspiring authors gain the tools and make the contacts they need to get published. It’s a place where agents discover new authors, and where up-and-coming authors find resources to move their careers forward. And finally, it’s a place where bestselling authors share their experiences, advice, and wisdom with those traveling the same road.”

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ThrillerFest VII CDs, MP3s, and DVDs now available!


ThrillerFest VII is over, and what a fabulous event it was! If you weren’t able to attend, or if you did, but missed some of the panels — or if you’d like to listen to what your favorite speakers had to say again — you’ll be delighted to know that CDs, MP3s, and DVDs from the CraftFest 2012 and ThrillerFest 2012 writers conference are now available for purchase. Recordings of ThrillerFests 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008 are available as well.